Hi, I’m Celina. Welcome to Live Well Grow Rich. I’m a personal development entrepreneur who helps others improve their finances, mindset and productivity. I can show you how to better manage your money and keep your mindset on track so that you can create a life you love.

My mission is to help you go for it, all of it. 

You can create a relationship with money that doesn’t require you to sacrifice your health and happiness. I hope to eliminate the challenges and misconceptions you have with money. You won’t need a finance degree to understand my content. I’m here to offer you practical and hopefully life-changing thoughts to help you push through unhealthy habits and psychological blocks. Money doesn’t have to be boring and personal finance doesn’t have to be complicated.

A little bit about me…

Flash back to 2005. I completed my MBA post bachelor’s degree in psychology. My plan was right on track, work hard, get good grades and get a good job. Next up, climb the corporate ladder, make a ton of money, learn everything I can and start my own business. The novelty quickly wore off. The stress and long hours were not sustainable. I was forcing myself to pursue the life I had worked so hard to achieve. I felt trapped. I was mentally and emotionally depleted and quickly realized this was not what I was meant to spend my life doing. I made good money but spent most of it trying to make myself feel better.

By the time I reached my mid 30’s, I had some savings and a few small investments but no official financial or life plan in place. Which was fine…until it wasn’t.

I made the decision to stay home with my son and work part-time from home. My husband and I bought a 100-year-old house, had a hefty mortgage payment and a lot of expenses. The financial stress kept piling up. I was mad at myself and my situation.

I knew my relationship with money would have to change.

I started looking deeper into how to better manage our money and my money mindset. I put my MBA to work for me this time. My business became all things personal finance and developing my mindset.

I subscribed to finance blogs, listened to podcasts and read books. I bought the textbooks used to teach certified financial planners and eventually enrolled in the Certified Financial Planning (CFP) program at NYU. I was determined.

I learned everything I could about personal finance and started to dig my way out. We paid off our debt, started investing and put a financial plan in place. I knew that if I was going through this, there were other women in the same situation. I started Live Well Grow Rich as a way to share what I’ve learned and to help others.

It’s your life, your money and should be your rules.

I understand a life focused only on money sucks but so does being broke. Money may not be your number one priority but it does make all of your other priorities possible.

Have a plan for your money and mindset so you can design an abundant life you love. It all starts and ends with you. I believe in you!

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