Hi, I’m Celina! Welcome to Live Well Grow Rich! I’m dedicated to helping ambitious women improve their finances, mindset and productivity.

Learning how to better manage my money (budget, save more, make more, invest) and keep my mindset (money mindset, productivity, goals) on track changed my life.

My mission is to help you become the person you most want to be 

I want to help you create a life you love. You can create a relationship with money that doesn’t require you to sacrifice your health and happiness. I’ll help you eliminate the challenges and misconceptions you have around money. You won’t need a finance degree to understand my content. I’m here to offer you practical and hopefully life-changing thoughts, knowledge and strategies to help you push through unhealthy habits and psychological blocks.

Money can be easy and personal development can be fun!

A little bit about me…

In 2005, I completed my MBA post bachelor’s degree in psychology. My plan was to work hard, get good grades and get a good job. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit so I knew I wanted to climb the corporate ladder, get real-life experience and start my own business.

After several years the novelty of working for someone else quickly wore off. The stress left me mentally and emotionally depleted. I made good money but spent most of it trying to make myself feel better.

I felt like no matter how hard I worked I couldn’t build up enough money to live the way I wanted to live. I had a bad case of lifestyle creep. The more money I earned; the more I spent.

Which was fine…until it wasn’t.

My husband and I had our son (financial game changer). We bought a 100-year-old house, had a hefty mortgage payment and a lot of expenses. (This is the part you don’t learn about in business school). No one ever taught me how to really manage my money and apparently I never thought to learn. The financial stress kept piling up. I was mad at myself and my situation.

I knew my relationship with money would have to change

So here’s what I did:

  1. I started to look deeper into my money mindset and how to better manage our money. I put my MBA to work for me this time. My business became all things personal finance and developing my mindset.
  2. I subscribed to finance blogs, listened to podcasts, took courses and read a lot of books. I bought the textbooks used to teach certified financial planners and eventually enrolled in the Certified Financial Planning (CFP) program at NYU. I was determined.
  3. I made a list of my personal and financial goals.
  4. I learned everything I could about personal finance and started to dig my way out. We paid off our debt, started investing and put a financial plan in place.
  5. I started Live Well Grow Rich as a way to hold myself accountable and share what I’ve learned. I knew that if I was going through this, there were other women in the same situation.

It’s your life, your money and should be your rules

I know what it’s like to work at something every day, feel discouraged and like you have nothing left of yourself to give. I also know what it’s like to put my head down, focus on what I really want to create with my life and see it happen.

Money may not be your number one priority but it does make all of your other priorities possible.

Develop a healthy mindset and have a plan for your money so you can design an abundant life you love. It all starts and ends with you. I believe in you!

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